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The remote terminals utilise the same graphical LCD user interface that can be found on the MxPro 5 series fire panels and are based upon the same advanced, flash based, microprocessor technology. The MxPro 5 panels and remote terminals can communicate over the same 2-core network cable. They feature an integral network interface incorporating a special screen termination to prevent mains frequency earth-loop currents flowing between network nodes.


The Ad-NeT network operates as a true peer-to-peer system with full cross panel reporting, control and cause-and-effect functionality of up to 2000 zones. All remote terminals incorporate buzzer mute, view, enable/disable and test facilities with dedicated system and navigation keys for simple user control. The display information is fully programmable by individual zone or sector and can display any combination of fires, faults, pre-alarms or plant alarms. E.g. can display all information in its own sector, but can only show fire signals from other sectors of a building.

Remote Control Terminal With Standard Network Interface - 24V DC

SKU: MX-5020
    • Programmable switch input
    • Graphical LCD Display
    • Ad-NeT/Ad-NeT+ Compatible
    • Slide-in Labels
    • Small, robust & compact
    • 24V DC Operating voltage
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Disable/enable options