Fire detection and emergency lighting solutions you can trust


We offer planning, technical assistance, risk assessments, on-site support and professional drawings.


We supply equipment from a wide range of manufacturers such as Apollo, Advanced, Ctec and many more.


We will tailor-make a support package that suits your specific needs.


Our team of engineers are fully trained and use the latest tools and testing equipment.

A complete solution

Illumino Ignis are independent, professional and highly experienced. We specialise in the design, commission, supply and support of an incredible range of fire safety, emergency lighting and disability products.

Incredible range of products

At Illumino Ignis, we will make sure you have what you need, when you need it. With the best equipment from extensive range of manufacturers and a wide range of stock you can rely on us.

Emergency Lighting

Bulkheads, Emergency exits signs, Twinspots, LED & 2D lighting solutions, Addressable emergency lighting, Static inverter systems & Safety signs.


Fire alarm systems, Conventional systems, Two wire, Smartwire, Addressable, Radio & Accessories.